Ever seen a black ice cream?

Check out this Carbon Ice Cream from Ice Kraft.


It’s Sexy black color instantly sets your taste buds on and you won’t be able to stop yourself from having one.

Its actual type of a nitrogen friend ice cream and the making process itself will make you post it on your social media. The ice cream is served in rolls fashion and you can have it in cup or cone according to your taste.

The ice cream tastes yummy and much like a dark chocolate. The garnish it with some of those triangular chocolate chips ( no doubt everyone loves them ). If you opt for the cone, the cone is also black in color and tastes somewhat like Bourbon biscuits.

I did not have anything else but I heard that they also serve awesome Nutella Freak Shakes there.

The ice cream is also very pocket-friendly and cost me something around Rs. 230.

If you are in Pune and wish to have this black beauty follow the below link and it will take you to your nearest Ice Kraft

Ice Kraft, Bibwewadi 

Ice Kraft, FC Road




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